Frederick H. "Skip" Atwater

Skip image During a time not so long ago, our culture teetered on the brink of an apocalypse with that of the former Soviet Union. I grew up and lived through these troubled times, this era of looming self annihilation called the Cold War. In elementary school, we hid under our classroom desks during duck-and-cover exercises so that we might survive the coming nuclear holocaust. History bears witness to the fact that we did not destroy ourselves and that after the war we have experienced an evolutionary psychic shift in Western culture.

In the midst of a world in conflict over material gain during the height of the Cold War, a military remote-viewing surveillance program emerged—as if to balance the insanity of it all. Because of this program, now known to the world by the code name Star Gate, numerous military and civilian government personnel, highly placed members of Congress, and, without naming names, a few in the executive branch discovered that we are not bound by the confines of our physical perceptions and we are, in fact, more than our physical bodies. The cultural impact of this realization continues to grow as more and more people are learning they can experience their own expanded states of consciousness and uncover their true nature.

For me, all this began with a childhood filled with extraordinary spiritual experiences that led me to a military career as a clairvoyant counterspy. Guided by spirit from within to initiate a unique U.S. Army Intelligence remote-viewing surveillance program originally called Grill Flame, I recruited and trained an elite cadre of professional remote viewers.

Guided again by spirit, I began a new chapter in life in after retiring from the military. I joined The Monroe Institute, a well-known research and education organization. Using the Institute’s facilities, I followed my spiritual yearnings and was able to explore a realm of knowledge seemingly beyond the confines of my physical body. As Research Director in the Bob Monroe Research Lab, I published technical papers and reports on methods for expanding states of consciousness, sort of left-brain validation of my own experiences. Working in the lab and with the staff at the Institute, I also assisted thousands of Institute seminar participants to experience and realize their own truths and realities.

Now a retired middle-aged adult opening the last chapters of this earth/life experience, I find myself in a culture busily reconnecting with its spiritual roots as envisioned by our founding fathers. I know that you too will realize that you have your own guided spirit journey through life and your true nature as you always have and always will.